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Please let a message after your stay at home !
  Norbert Braun          24 April 2017 - 23:19   
Dear Philippe and Laurance,
you may be wondering who is writing here. We, Heike and Norbert, visited you last summer with our little red 2CV. We returned savely to our hometown in Germany. However, my mother became very sick and finally died. Thus, I was not able to respond to your mail and now the mail address was missing. We follow the French presidential election very closely. I we would like to send you some pictures. Please let me know your email address.
Wish you all the best and help that France remains in the EU that we can visit you again.
With best regards
Norbert & Heike
Waren/Müritz & Hamburg
  SCIBOR          22 April 2016 - 13:50   
Nous avons donc passé eux nuits à un an (?) d'intervalle chez vous ... l'accueil, la table (dîner, petit déjeuner), la chambre et ses "annexes" ... tout est digne d'éloges !
Tout cela dans un superbe village !
Rien à ajouter, on croirait que je suis "payé" ! Mais non !
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